SDG Workshop 12 October 2020

Second Workshop on Sustainability Development Projects by IIUM Administrators

After a year the Sustainability Development Projects by IIUM Administrators have been implemented, the 16 project leaders and its members gathered on 12th October 2020 to evaluate their progress. The workshop which was opened with a special remark by the Rector of IIUM.

Tan Sri Dzulkifli highlighted that IIUM has been receiving many queries and requests from international organisations and universities regarding its SDG projects.  He also highlighted that many Memoranda of Understanding and books related to IIUM SDG projects respectively have been signed and published in the recent years.  

However, the highlights of the IIUM SDG activities is expected to be shared in Berlin in 2021as IIUM’s achievements on SDG projects.  He was delighted that SDG activities gave IIUM the platform for its staff and students to make proud of the university and the whole of Muslim ummah.

Nonetheless, he reminded that “We are sharing what we are doing, but people are actually looking in depth of what we are doing, not only of what we say.  Hence, IIUM must do what we are doing with istiqamah and full of sincerity as well as always be few steps ahead. Otherwise, all the efforts done would be a suicidal mission and merely hypocritical statements”.  

He was proud that the SDG Chapter Book on the SDG Projects by the IIUM Administrators would be published soon and look forward for the SDG website and dashboard to be completed by the end of the year.  

The key objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To showcase commitments and/or contributions by project leaders towards attainment of IIUM SDG Agenda.

  2. To review progress of Sustainability Development Projects by IIUM Administrators and share best practices/ achievements in the year 2020.

  3. To better understand the obstacles of the SDG projects in 2020.

  4. To plan new ideas and strategies to move the SDG Agenda forward in 2021.

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