First Workshop: Presentation Of IIUM SDG Administrators Projects’ Concept Papers To The Rector Of IIUM

When the University brought up the idea of change in the way of doing things, Management Services Division (MSD) came up with the initiatives to mobilise the administrators. The objective of the programme is to ensure that all staff get involved in the University’s initiative of SDG projects which were first started by the University for all academic staff of all kulliyyahs and centres. It was a challenge to all IIUM administrators of IIUM to initiate any projects that could be aligned to the University Strategic Direction of Humanising Education through Maqasid Shariah and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

As such, in July 2019, MSD initiated the SDG projects for the administrators with the theme of ‘Sustainable Development Goal Projects – Making Everyone Count’. Few sessions to develop the idea were conducted where the concept paper was presented to the IIUM Rector together with the first session involving twenty (20) officers. It was conducted and guided by the Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity, IIUM.

On 7 October 2019, IIUM administrators were requested to present their IIUM Sustainable Development Goals projects to the IIUM Rector, Honorable Tan Sri Dzukifli Abdul Razak and the IIUM Top Managements. There were 16 projects proposed and implemented for the benefits of sharing of knowledge and skills among the staff regardless of their status and positions. The projects promote the sense of belonging and strengthen the spirit of teamwork “ukhuwah” among the staff. Most of the projects progressed well and become inspiration to others too.

It was hoped that these pioneering efforts will set a new pace and culture for the administrators to work and contribute to IIUM sustainability in Leading the Way for Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin.

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