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    SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nation has determined 17 SDG as follows:

    SDG 01 – No Poverty
     SDG 02 – Zero Hunger
     SDG 03 – Good Health and Well-being
     SDG 04 – Quality Education
     SDG 05 – Gender Equality
     SDG 06 – Clean Water and Sanitation
     SDG 07 – Affordable and Clean Energy
     SDG 08 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
     SDG 09 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
     SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality
     SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
     SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
     SDG 13 – Climate Action
     SDG 14 – Life Below Water
     SDG 15 – Life on Land
     SDG 16 – Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
     SDG 17 – Partnerships to achieve the Goal

    The Sustainable Developments initiatives had started since the establishment of IIUM in the year 1983.

    To actualize IIUM’s vision to become a leading international centre of educational excellence which seeks to restore the dynamic and progressive role of the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge and intellectual discourse, IIUM endeavoured these seven missions.

    Our goal was also incorporated in the IIUM Official song “Leading the Way”, which was composed by one of the renowned and well known composer in Malaysia, Allahyarham Mr. Johan Nawawi.

    Hence, IIUM’s direction is very clear since its beginning, i.e. to sustain the betterment of the world by performing our duties as khalīfah with amanah, guided with knowledge and wisdom of Islam.

    We hope for all our good deeds towards all beings shall invite the Rahmatan li’l-Alamīn. Also known as KHAIR.

    The strong foundation laid by the first Rector of IIUM, Hon. Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rauf was further strengthened by the subsequent Rectors, Hon. Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid A. Abu Sulayman, Hon. Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Kamal Hassan, Hon. Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid and Hon. Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin. These eminent figures had successfully developed IIUM into the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

    The current Rector, Hon. Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak is taking IIUM into a new dimension of IIUM Vision and Mission, putting IIUM Community on a new global stage and reality test amidst all the COVID-19 pandemic challenges.  

    Equipped with strong background and active involvement in various charity-based organisations, such as: National Cancer Council (MAKNA), Mercy Malaysia, Yayasan Hasanah and LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd (the first homegrown educational services organisation and a social enterprise that offers expertise in transforming schools and education in Malaysia), Tan Sri Dzulkifli made wonders in IIUM by transforming the philosophy ideal of IIUM into new normal practices.  Various efforts were made to integrate the soul of IIUM within and with the surrounding communities.

    With his vast experiences in the Performance and Delivery Unit (PADU Corp) Board of Trustees to monitor the Ministry of Education Blueprint, being the Chair of the Independent Review Committee to give input into the Malaysia Education Blueprint (2013-2015) and appointed as one of the member of the Advisory Board of Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), he was able to really understand all the critical factors in education and initiated actions to sustain creation of balanced future leaders.

    His deep concern over humanity was expressed in his book entitled, “Nurturing a Balanced Person – The Leadership Challenge” (2015, 2017). winning him the Anugerah Buku Negara 2016 award and the book was listed as one of the 50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2017-2018, according to the National Book Council of Malaysia (MBKM).

    Tan Sri Dzul is the first Asian to receive the prestigious 2017 Gilbert Medal and the 7th internationally from Universitas 21, a group of renowned research intensive universities focused on fostering global citizenship and encouraging institutional innovation. He also received the 2017 Asia HRD Contribution to Society Award as recognition for his contribution to people’s development in the academic world.

    During his two year tenure as a Rector of IIUM, IIUM has won the Green Gown Award in the year 2020, which is another proof of his tireless effort to lead IIUM to change the ummah.  The International Green Gown Award is a prestige award participated by universities or colleges across the world for their sustainability efforts.  The International Green Gown Awards are administered by the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC) and supported by the UN Environment.

    With the move towards having responsible research that give impacts to the community rather than merely theoretical writing, in early 2019, he has urged for the establishment of 29 academic related flagships under various kulliyyahs at IIUM. Gender Dysphoria is one of the best examples of the successful flagship programmes where 200 transgenders have been transformed and assisted economically so that they can change their lifestyle and lead a normal life.

    As a sign of support towards his SDG sustainability efforts, the University’s administrative staff have come with initiatives to introduce 15 SDG projects which ranges from sustainability of human well beings, socio economics, environment and system.  Some of the projects have even changed the physical landscape of IIUM.  While others were formed to induce better mental health and physical well being of its staff.   Staff are continuously encouraged to contribute new ideas and shall receive support from the University. 

    It is hoped that in the next years to come, this new culture of IIUM will be emulated by all parties and replicated in the community at large so as to create more awareness and understanding.

    You may further read the websites stated below to gather more information on global SDG developments.

    IIUM, Leading the Way, Making Everyone Count!