The United Nations has determined 17 Sustainable Development goals (SDG) and 169 targets to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty, to heal and secure the earth. 

The goals and targets were expected to stimulate actions over the next 15 years in areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet. To support the UN and the Government of Malaysia, IIUM has approved 29 flagships in the year 2018 as part of the new teaching methodology.  

Upon successful implementation of the 29 projects, the university management agreed to extend the initiatives further by encouraging the administrative staff and students of IIUM to participate in the projects.  

The following 16 new projects were approved for implementation in the middle of 2019.

Project  number

Name of the project

Main objective of the project


Edible Greens

To support the university aspiration to develop an eco-campus.


Energy Saving

To support the IIUM financial sustainability initiatives


CFS Sejahtera

To keep the university environment green and sustainable through a collection of efforts on green campus, electricity, energy, water, and improved transportation services. 


Sejahtera Sports for All

To create a multi-cultural IIUM community with good health and well-being, as well as realising the inclusivity of special needs students and ‘Orang Asli’ in the tertiary education ecosystem.


Radiant Ecobag for Sejahtera Community

To raise awareness about serious environmental pollution from disposal of buntings and banners.



Focusing on the physical and mental wellbeing besides promoting and inculcating good habits that can be initiated and practiced toward a healthy lifestyle among the campus community.


Kesatu Kelulut

To raise funds to support KESATU’s economic and welfare activities.


IIUM Kuantan Sejahtera

To develop a sense of place and a curiosity about nature towards the realization of the sustainability goal of the University.


Mobile E-Waste

To change the adab of disposal of mobile e-waste among the IIUM community.  


Adab And Budi

To enhance the adab and budi of the IIUM community to match its corporate values and tag “Garden of Knowledge & Virtue”. 


Facilitating Access to School Resource Centre (SMKTM)

To assist the surrounding community in developing a library management system to replace the manual system for their library management and operation.   


Library Classification System for Knowledge Resources on Islam (ICSI)

To organize the knowledge resources as per the publications’ arrangement and value which provide sufficient place, proper enumeration, and logical expansion for resources on Islam. 


Social Finance

To pool staff, students, or individuals to help the poor students.  



To generate some income for the university from the clear-out process of the university car parking spaces from abandoned vehicles


Decent Work

To promote kindness and supporting each other for positive personal growth.


IIUM Sejahtera Index

To analyse the status of the 15 projects approved under the Sustainable Development Goals by the IIUM Administrators.

The idea of change in the ways of doing things through these SDG Projects was implemented cross-campuses and offices.  the implementation was based on the sharing of knowledge and skills among the staff regardless of their status and positions.  Most importantly,  many of the projects were initiated without using any funds or allocations from the University.  The projects were using available resources, voluntary manpower, and generous donations from the IIUM Community.

In its effort to Humanising Education to Produce Balanced Staff through Maqasid Syariah and Sustainable Development, it is hoped that these pioneering efforts will set a new pace and culture for the administrators to work and contribute to IIUM sustainability in Leading the Way for Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin.