This project aimed to raise awareness about serious environmental pollution from disposal of buntings and banners. It also aimed to give ideas on new and creative ways to reduce and reuse materials towards clean and green campus.

Made from petroleum, plastic bags fuel extraction of fossil resources. It takes centuries for plastics bag to break down in nature, burning them releases poisonous chemicals, and in oceans, plastic trash harms a number of marine species.

The widely use of buntings and banners which are mostly from tarpaulin material are not biodegradable and this will add to the disposal problem of plastic.

Hence, the idea of recycling the banner to an eco-bag will help :

  1. to reduce plastic waste.

  2. to reduce carbon footprint in IIUM Kuantan Campus.

  3. to spread awareness amongst IIUM Kuantan staff and students to recycle, reuse, reduce or repurpose.

  4. to nurture positive attitude among IIUM Kuantan staff and students on the importance of maintaining the clean and green campus.


Realising the harm of used buntings may cause to the environment, the Radiant Ecobag team have come up with the idea of recycling used buntings and banners into ecobags.


In IIUM Kuantan Campus, the team will be collecting these used banners or buntings from various departments and bring them to its operation room to make things such as tote bags, pouches or pencil cases.


Radiant Ecobag is a simple and quick sewing project using discarded banners used for advertisement and information to make attractive tote bags – can be used for all reasons and seasons. It is also a perfect piece to replace plastic bags of our everyday usage.


Ecobags are made of not only from these recycled materials that otherwise would be going to waste, it will also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags that have proven to harm the environment. 


Ecobags conserves the environment by harmlessly biodegrading after numerous uses. Reducing plastic waste and conserving natural resources through recycling, helps the community as a whole. As a result, these communities would become more aware of environmental issues.





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