There were seven (7) main projects that had been implemented at the IIUM Centre for Foundation Studies or also known as IIUM Gambang Campus, i.e. 

Project 1:       Embracing the Land for Sustainable Living (Tree Planting)

Project 2:       Zero Hunger

Project 3:       I-Cycle (3R)

Project 4:       Waste to Wealth (Waste Management)

Project 5:       Keep it Fresh (Smoke-Free)

Project 6:       Zero Hunger

Project 7:       Sustainable Education


Launching of CFS Sejahtera SDG Project in CFS IIUM Gambang by the Director of Administration, CFS on 30th August 2020.

Project site before kick-off (December 2019).  Project site during the visit of Director of Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanities, IIUM in July 2020. The Bunga Telang not only can be harvested as early as 3 months, but also act as green house to the site which provides shades, more oxygen, cooling as well as better landscape. 

Bustanul Fiziya’ before project kick-off in March 2020

Some of the harvested herbs and vegetables at Bustanul Fiziya in October 2020

Bustan Al-Biruni site progress from September 2020 until October 2020. The first round of harvesting was given free of charge for students’ consumption on 23rd October 2020. Second round of harvesting sold to café operators and staff and managed to generate RM106.00 in November 2020.

CFS Big Walk was conducted on 30th August 2019 to promote Zero Carbon Footprint to encourage walking culture, less emission from the vehicle while at the same time cleaning the campus with ploggi through activities

A student at one of the recycling hotspot with “recycled” recycle bin

The outcome of the Energy Saving initiative at the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) has shown a downwards trend since it was implemented in October 2019 for the 3-months average of RM400,000 in the 3rd quarter of 2019 (before initiative) to RM345,000/month in the 4th quarter 2019 and RM320,000/month in 1st quarter 2020. The outcome during Covid19 pandemic is excluded from calculation since there are no students staying on the campus.

­­­­­­CFS Sejahtera Room – a hybrid project consisting of I-Cycle (recycle and reuse) and Zero Hunger initiatives to provide needy students with basic needs such as food, stationaries, clothes etc. on ‘Pay-as-u-wish’ approach.

Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Yunus, Campus Director handing over a souvenir to YB Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Founding Chairman of Yayasan Budi in return of his generosity of sponsoring RM10,000.00 for Zero Hunger initiative in CFS on 12th September 2019​



Director of Administration CFS, Br. Mir Azrul receiving a mock cheque from TM Pahang Managing Director, Dato’ Zulfikri Hashim for the Food Coupon project under the IIUM Zakat Fund.

Visit by Yayasan Pahang on November 2020 before handing over of RM3,000.00 to the CFS Sejahtera Room to purchase food and other basic needs under the Zero Hunger and I-Cycle initiative

Happy Pack distribution to needy students on 8th July 2020 sponsored by the staff members from the Department of Legal Studies, CFS IIUM

Dapur Dhuda No. 1 free breakfast distribution for 200 students on 18th December 2019 sponsored by the staff members from the Department Human Sciences, CFS IIUM

Dapur Dhuda 2 free breakfast distribution for 500 students on 12th February 2020 sponsored by the staff members from the Department Quantitative Studies and Department of Languages and Management, CFS IIUM


The poster highlighted on the definition of epigenetics, factor which causes epigenetics, caloric restriction, ketogenic diet as well as loose weight in healthy way.


  • Preparation of guacamole


  • Acid-base indicator
  • Nutrients in purple cabbage
  • Environmental and engineering connection


  • Density, force and buoyancy
  • Benefits of raisins



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